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CHML - Chemical & Biological
CIVL - Civil
CPEN - Computer
ELEC - Electrical
ENVE - Environmental
GEOE - Geological
IGEN - Integrated
MECH - Mechanical
MINE - Mining
MTRL - Material
UBC Okanagan
MASC BMEG-Master of Applied Science in Biomedical
MASC-CHBE-Master of Applied Science in Chemical & Biological
MASC CIVL-Master of Applied Science in Civil
MASC EECE-Master of Applied Science in Electrical & Computer
MASC MTRL-Master of Applied Science in Materials
MASC MECH-Master of Applied Science in Mechanical
MASC MINE-Master of Applied Science in Mining
MENG BMEG - Master of Engineering in Biomedical
MENG CHBE - Master of Engineering in Chemical & Biological
MENG CIVL - Master of Engineering in Civil
MENG EECE - Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer
MENG MECH - Master of Engineering in Mechanical
MENG MINE - Master of Engineering in Mining
MENG NAME - Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
MEL CEEN - Master of Engineering Leadership in Clean Energy Engineering
MEL NAME - Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
MCRP - Master of Community and Regional Planning

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